Biology Students Teach Girl Scouts About Ticks and Lyme Disease

Posted on 7/19/2018 9:28:34 AM

Anna Manges, Luke Galbraith, and Emily Welch Graduate student Emily Welch and undergraduate students Luke Galbraith and Anna Manges presented an interactive Lyme disease risk workshop to 90 Girl Scouts and their leaders at Blue Spruce County Park on July 16, 2018.

Puppets and costumes, props, and displays were used to teach campers about the biology and ecology of blacklegged ticks. Campers also learned how to avoid tick encounters, prevent tick bites, and remove ticks to reduce their risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Welch, Galbraith, and Manges are student researchers studying ticks and mosquitoes with Tom Simmons in his Disease and Vector Ecology Laboratory.

From left to right in photo are Anna Manges, Luke Galbraith, and Emily Welch. 

Department of Biology