Hibsman Publishes Third Article in Bibleway Magazine

Posted on 7/2/2018 8:13:13 AM

Tim Hibsman, English professor, was asked to be a regular contributor to Bibleway Magazine, The Christian Magazine of Choice. Several pieces of literature from the Engl-281, Sports Film and Literature class that deal with the spiritual and inspirational side of athletics have became the inspiration for several articles.

Article #1

"Miracle on Ice: Spiritual Lessons Learned from Ice Hockey" (Published June 18, 2018). Original artwork for the magazine was done by IUP art student Jessica Lenze. Hockey is used to explain some of life’s important concepts, such as:

Practice and go over the basics.
Surround yourself with good players.
Get into position and be ready.
Pass the puck.
Be a playmaker.
Sometimes you have to get physical.
There is more than one way to score.
Support each other.
Skating is a key skill involving balance, stopping, gliding, crossover, etc.
Falling down is part of the game.
Catch your breath.
Play be the rules and behave.
Avoid “cheap shots”—some players play dirty.
Don’t be intimidated or discouraged by the other team.
Get in the game and be a participant.
Your jersey has a team logo on the front and your name on the back (Identity).
Be professional.
Listen to the coach.

Article #2

"I Hear Voices and I am Not Crazy" (Published May 15, 2018). There are many different forms of communication, and listening can easily be overlooked. Learning how to listen can often be challenging.

Article #3

"Go for the Gold, But Silver is Better" (Published April 10, 2018). Everyone strives to be number one. It is good to push yourself. But the most important thing in your life is not you—it’s God. (Featured in the Editor Picks section)

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