Tick Research by Biology Students in the News

Posted on 5/18/2018 1:08:07 PM

Research activity by biology students Anna Manges, Nate Peters, and Emily Welch is featured in an extensive article by PennLive about the current state affairs of tick and tick-borne disease research in Pennsylvania.

The article published at PennLive.com is titled “Ticks and Lyme disease: The problem no one’s really doing anything about.”

Statehouse reporter and a photographer from PennLive (Harrisburg) visited the IUP campus to learn more about research being conducted in biology professor Tom Simmons’ Disease and Vector Ecology Laboratory. They spent the day in the field and laboratory observing and documenting work by Simmons’ student researchers.

The article highlights the “grassroots” efforts by Simmons’ lab in collaboration with his colleagues at the Department of Environmental Protection Vector Management Laboratory and the Muhlenberg College Biology Department to characterize and monitor blacklegged tick populations, and the infection prevalence of Lyme and other disease pathogens in these ticks.

The article stresses the need for more research support to address the tick-borne disease problem in Pennsylvania.

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