Health and Human Services’ 28th Annual Awards Luncheon

Posted on 5/14/2018 3:12:32 PM

The College of Health and Human Services’ 28th annual awards luncheon was held on May 8, 2018, at the Rustic Lodge to recognize faculty members for outstanding research and service. Please join us in congratulating the following faculty:

Outstanding HHS Faculty Awards recipients at the 2017–18 Annual Awards Luncheon

Outstanding HHS Faculty Awards:

Pictured above from left to right:

Senior Service Award: Stephen Shiring, Hospitality Management

Senior Researcher Award: Teresa Shellenbarger, Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Junior Teacher Award: Sadie Mummert, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Junior Service Award: Kalani Palmer, Human Development, Fashion, and Interior Design

Junior Researcher Award: Hayden Gerhart, Kinesiology, Health and Sport Science

HHS Research Incentive Award:

Primary Investigator: Hayden Gerhart, Kinesiology, Health and Sport Science

Co-Investigators: Kristi Storti and Louis Pesci

Research Proposal Title: “An Analysis of Health and Physical Activity History and Occupational Task Performance in Active Emergency Medical Technicians”

HHS Student Scholarly Activity Grant Awards:

Student Investigator: Lynzi Smith, Food and Nutrition

Faculty Mentor: Pao Ying Hsaio

Proposal: “Use of Interprofessional Simulation Experiences with Nursing, Nutrition, and Speech-Language Pathology Students to Increase Learner Satisfaction”

Student Investigator: Megan Travers, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Faculty Mentor: Brandon Dulisse

Proposal: “Addressing Definitional Discrepancies and Linking Increasing Rates of Terrorism in the United States to an Expanding Media Platform”

Student Investigator: Jennifer Chicca, Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Faculty Mentor: Teresa Shellenbarger

Proposal:“Understanding Faculty Roles When Implementing a Preceptor Teaching Model in Nursing Education”