Vetter Publishes Article on Universal Access and Representation in Wikipedia

Posted on 5/14/2018 11:16:07 AM

Matthew Vetter (English Department) has recently published a research article, "Teaching Wikipedia: Appalachian Rhetoric and the Encyclopedic Politics of Representation" in the journal College English.

In this article, Vetter argues that, despite its success in terms of size and scope, Wikipedia has faltered in accomplishing its founding goals of universal access and representation. While most of the scholarship addressing this issue focuses on the encyclopedia's gender gap, there remain significant problems with cultural and geographical representation of other marginalized topics. Vetter describes a pedagogical model and immersive classroom study that introduces students to Wikipedia's problematic information politics while engaging them with a specific task for widening its representation of the region and culture of Appalachia. A case study approach provides rich qualitative data of student experience and learning regarding Appalachian rhetoric and Wikipedia's politics of representation.

Access the table of contents for this issue of College English.

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