English Department Professor Goes Viral on Twitter

Posted on 5/7/2018 12:18:01 AM

English Professor Mike Sell recently saw a tweet go viral.

On April 20, in response to a gun-rights counter protest at Franklin Regional High School, he tweeted, “An NRA protestor at our high school had a sign that read, ‘EXPLAIN CHICAGO!’ so I told her, yes, the Kander-Ebb tunes possess an undeniably sexy brio, but it’s Fosse’s exploration of the blurry line between satire and celebration of criminal celebrity that gives the show its kick.”

Over the next several days, 800,000 Twitter users saw the tweet, with 17,000 people liking, and over 3,800 people retweeting, among them National Public Radio’s Peter Sagall and Mara Liasson, actors Bebe Neuwirth and Jon Cryer, Vanity Fair’s Rebecca Keegan, The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum, The New York Times’ Alex Burns, former Missouri Representative and Let America Vote founder Jason Kander, The Boston Herald’s Helen Kennedy, and the American Enterprise Institute’s Norm Ornstein. You can follow Sell on Twitter at @mike_sell.

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