Hibsman Gets Weekly Series in Kittanning Paper

Posted on 4/27/2018 8:54:19 AM

Tim Hibsman (English) debuts the weekly series Kittanning Kritters in the March 19, 2018, Kittanning Paper. Lauren Haig (Art) collaborated on the initial 10 submissions.

In the future, other students from the technical writing class Hibsman regularly teaches will have an opportunity to examine the paper, follow the publisher’s guidelines, create a proposal, provide samples, and submit work to the series. The ongoing project demonstrates the connection between academic/classroom concepts and the real world. This provides students with practical, real-life experience and expectations from an editor/publisher and the possibility of adding publishing credits to their resume.

The Kittanning Paper is a blend of media. Stories which appear in the paper each day are also available for reading on the Internet. 

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