Machado and Morret Present on Online Gifted Endorsement Program

Posted on 4/26/2018 10:25:42 AM

Tanya Morret, Curriculum and Instruction doctoral candidate, and Crystal Machado, associate professor, Professional Studies in Education, presented a coauthored paper at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Conference in Washington, DC in March 2018. Their paper was titled “Using the Action Research Process to Modify the Synchronous Meetings of an Online Gifted Endorsement Program.”

This paper, as part of a larger mixed-method program evaluation study, describes how Morret, program director of a Gifted Endorsement online program used the qualitative data and the action research process to modify the synchronous component of an online courses. The authors begin by describing background and context. They then describe how Morret used action research to address participants' concerns with the two-synchronous session in each course. Next, they describe how program evaluation data and informal assessments were used to modify the design of the synchronous sessions. They conclude with a description of how the program development team implemented these changes across the other three courses to enhance student satisfaction and success.