Holm Presents on Encouraging Lifelong Habits of Thoughtful Writing

Posted on 4/16/2018 8:59:12 AM

Melanie Holm (English) presented the paper “Slow Writing through Slow Reading” at the annual meeting of the Northeastern Modern Language Association on the panel “Fish out of Water,” chaired by IUP faculty member Peter Sorrell and IUP L&C alumnus William Magrino. Her paper addressed how we can encourage lifelong habits of thoughtful writing through allegories of slow-reading practices.

The Northeast Modern Language Association is a nonprofit organization of teachers and scholars of literature, language, and culture.

A regional affiliate of the Modern Language Association, NeMLA provides a forum for the dissemination of scholarship and the advancement of teaching in modern languages and literatures. Every year, the NeMLA Convention affords NeMLA’s principal opportunity to carry on a tradition of lively research and pedagogical exchange. This four-day long event showcases different areas of inquiry and includes regular panels, roundtables, seminars, interactive workshops, special events, caucus meetings, literary readings, film screenings, and guest speakers.

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