Savova Offering Four Presentations at Two Conferences

Posted on 3/8/2018 9:46:30 AM

In March, Professor L. Savova is offering four presentations at two conferences, the American Association of Applied Linguistics conference and the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages conference in Chicago, IL. Her presentations focus on applying linguistic theories in the design and analysis of ESL materials and the contextualized presentation and practice of English structures.

“Evaluating ESL Conversations’ Authenticity: A Tool for Developing Pragmatic Competence” addresses the possibility of applying conversation and discourse analysis in evaluating and adapting ESL textbook conversations for pragmatic authenticity.

“Authenticity in Teaching ESL: Pragmatic Significance” presents the findings from a contrastive analysis of three ESL activities, that is traditional exercises, communicative activities, and communicative events, based on their linguistic, communicative, and pragmatic efficacies.

“Sustaining Dialogues: Turn-Taking in L2 Conversations” (jointly with Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD student Jialei Jiang) represents the findings of a study of 23 conversations from ESL textbooks. It examines turn-taking strategies in ESL textbook conversations focusing on the structural and cultural implications of turn-taking in conversations.

“Teaching Structures Through Context-Manipulation Activities” emphasizes the importance of situating specific structures in appropriate contexts. It also offers specific examples of the way this could be done in an original yet age-level and proficiency-level appropriate manner.