IUP Offers First Engineering Course in Spring Semester

Posted on 2/28/2018 7:53:21 AM

During the spring 2018 semester, IUP offered its first engineering course, ENVE 101: Introduction to Environmental Engineering. The course is taught by Sajad Hamidi. About 20 students enrolled in this class, and most of them are environmental engineering students.

The class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 a.m., and discussions cover a broad range of subjects, from natural resources to pollution, human population, environmental economics, energy consumption, climate change, ethics, and so on.

Group photo of students in the first ENVE 101: Introduction to Environmental Engineering course at IUP

Hamzeh Sammour, who decided to choose environmental engineering as his major at IUP, said he is interested in learning more about the environmental issues worldwide. He thinks students learn during the lectures about the multidisciplinary nature of environmental issues, critical thinking, and problem solving strategies.

Evan Gray, senior student in geography, also took this class. It is his final semester at IUP, and he says this course fulfills his curiosity to learn more about the environment. “I took this course because I want to expand my consciousness and gain more knowledge that I can apply to a career that will help solve the environmental issues humans are creating everyday.”

Environmental engineering is the integration of science and engineering principles to provide healthy water, air, and land. IUP is the only Pennsylvania State System school that offers the environmental engineering program.

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