Fall 2018 New Student Orientation Registration

Posted on 2/19/2018 9:48:44 AM

The fall 2018 orientation registration process will start on March 1, 2018. Invitation letters will be mailed to all deposited incoming freshmen students and admitted transfer students. Students will be instructed to register for a session via MyIUP. Within 24 hours of registering for a session, a link will appear on the student’s MyIUP home screen related to placement pre-testing. Students will need to complete pretesting for math and are encouraged to submit a portfolio for their English placement. More information regarding these procedures can be found below.

All incoming students need to complete the math pre-test prior to their session. Students who do not take it within 48 hours prior to their respective program will need to take the test while at their orientation session. After taking the pretest at home, students will have the opportunity to work on their math skills through a series of remediation modules designed specifically for them based on their pretest results. Students who spend at least 10 hours remediating have, in most cases, placed into a higher math course. All students in academic departments that require a calculus-based math will have to retest while at orientation. Students are encouraged to complete the pretest early and also utilize the remediation modules. For more information, please visit Math Pre-Testing Information.

All incoming students have the option to submit a portfolio of writing samples that will be evaluated for English placement. Submissions are time sensitive. Please visit English Portfolio and Placement Exam Information for more information regarding this process. For students not submitting a portfolio, they will participate in the English essay exam on campus during their orientation experience.

Please visit Orientation for additional information regarding the orientation program.