Reporting Concerning Messages

Posted on 2/12/2018 4:20:26 PM

If you experience what you feel is harassment, or are the recipient of concerning communications (for example, social media, graffiti, chalking, symbols, imagery, flyers, or posters) and which involve members of the IUP community, report to the IUP Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Specialist, Elise Glenn,  by sending an e-mail to or by contacting the Coordinator/Compliance Specialist at 724-357-3402.

Include the following information (if available):

  1. Origin of the messaging

  2. Screenshots of the post(s) if social media or photo(s) of the concerning messages

  3. Name of the IUP community member(s) involved in the message (if known)

  4. Date(s) of the message

  5. Your contact information if you have been directly involved and can provide additional information

The Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Specialist will review your concern and will follow up as appropriate.

IUP faculty and staff are reminded of their role as mandatory reporters under the state Protection of Minors policy.

The IUP Counseling Center has resources available to help students experiencing distress.

If you receive messaging or direct communication that makes you feel concerned for your immediate safety or the immediate safety of the community, please call 9-1-1 or IUP Police at 724-357-2141.