Lewis and Cooper Publish on STEMSEAS in Oceanography Journal

Posted on 2/8/2018 11:56:20 AM

Jon Lewis and Sharon Cooper (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University) wrote the piece for the quarterly journal of the Oceanography Society to highlight the potential long-term sustainability, and anticipated broad impact, of the STEMSEAS project.

The STEM Student Experiences Aboard Ship Project aims to broaden participation in STEM fields, particularly the geosciences. By leveraging unused capacity on already-planned and required ship transits, the PIs on this NSF-funded project hope to demonstrate the synergy that is possible by sailing students susceptible to the vast “opportunity gap” that is apparent in many minority communities.

The ship operators gain access to the next generation of ocean-going problem solvers from communities that have not historically been involved in this type of work. The students learn of a future in STEM that is exciting and, for many, entirely unknown to them.

STEMSEAS is looking for students that might be interested in STEM fields but have had little exposure to and/or no access to role models in STEM. The program is open to students across the county, but also across the IUP campus. STEMSEAS has one cohort at sea now and is planning four more ship transits this year.

You can learn more by visiting the STEMSEAS website or following along on the STEMSEAS blog.

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