Tenth Annual Discover India Program a Huge Success

Posted on 2/6/2018 4:01:49 PM

The tenth annual Discover India program demonstrated the successful partnership between PES University in Bangalore, India, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Discover India is an educational, entertaining, and exciting learning experience for students. Dean’s Associate and Director of Eberly’s Off-shore Programs Prashanth Bharadwaj led the tour in India. The tour is one of many facets of a broader partnership with PES University.

Discover India 2018 - Students dressed in Indian attireThe IUP-PES MBA students in India travel to IUP in their second year to finish their MBA specialization. Over 900 MBA students have graduated with an IUP MBA as part of this collaborative program with PES, while nearly 200 undergraduate IUP students have traveled to PES for study abroad trips and internships, making it a two-way flow of an unprecedented number of students between the two countries. In the past three years, a partnership with the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences has further enhanced the diversity and impact of these trips. 

Discover India 2018 -  Visit to Sansera, Bangalore“India is a fascinating country for students to visit. It has a vibrant democracy, two-thirds of the country’s 1.3 billion people are considered young in age, it has millennia of history that one can still experience, and has recently emerged as a leading economy with the world’s fifth-largest gross domestic product. The unparalleled diversity and the wide contrasts and range in everything makes India a great place for students to learn a lot,” Bharadwaj said. 

Both IUP and PES students attended a symposium with speakers from industry and academia who addressed the students about a variety of topics, including the economic, social, cultural, and business aspects of India. While in Bangalore, students got company tours and interacted with company executives at three Indian companies: Infosys, an Indian software giant with presence all over the United States; TVS, one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world (also in collaboration with BMW); and Sansera, an engineering and manufacturing company of precision parts, including aircraft and high-performance engine parts. On these tours of world-class companies, students got to view and discuss manufacturing principles and management theories they learn in class. Many students were motivated to apply for internships and full-time positions, especially at Infosys. 

Discover India 2018 - Taj Mahal, Agra (recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world)Throughout the trip, Eberly students interacted with the PES-IUP MBA students and even visited their homes. The two groups of students took a road trip together to Mysore to see the palace and temples in the city. The students were treated to a variety of cuisines, and the IUP-PES Indian MBA students put on a cultural performance where they performed traditional Indian dances and music for the American and European students. The visiting students dressed in traditional Indian attire for the performances, and many even tried Mehendi (Henna).

Discover India 2018 - Students engaged in discussion at InfosysThe visiting IUP students also participated in the graduation ceremony of a small group of IUP-PES MBA students who did not have an opportunity to come to the IUP campus for their specializations. The annual alumni meeting of the IUP-PES MBA students was also held during the Discover India trip, and the visiting students got an opportunity to interact with over 40 IUP alumni. 

Sarah Scruppi, a junior supply chain major, said “the Discover India trip opened my eyes to one of the most beautiful cultures I have ever been exposed to. The memories and friendships I was fortunate enough to make have impacted me in an outstanding way.”

Sam Pennell, a management major, said “I experienced life, life, and more life in India. The people, the culture, the community, the colors, the smells, and the sights showed me so much more of what life has in store for me and others to experience.” 

Discover India 2018 - Visit to InfosysMike Prushnock, the only executive MBA student on this trip, is part of a successful family business in Western Pennsylvania. He has been to 18 other countries before visiting India. He said he was impressed with every aspect of the trip and about the visit to the “Google-like campus” of Infosys. “Infosys has an 80-acre campus that required our group to be driven in golf carts in order to navigate through a beautifully maintained and architectured property. This uniquely constructed campus felt like an artistic representation of what makes Infosys successful, which I felt were attention to detail, innovation, creativity, and diverse thinking,” he said.

Discover India 2018 - Posing outside the Qutab-Minar, the Iron  Pillar, New DelhiMaria Newton, a senior international business student who has studied abroad in other countries in Europe, said “There was not a single day that I was not blown away by the culture, history, and everyday life of the country. No matter how much a person reads or hears about India, the only way to truly understand such a place is to visit for yourself, and I am extremely grateful that I have had this opportunity.”

The trip culminated in a presentation from the IUP students about their experience and learning during the trip.

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