Siegel Finer Publishes Invited Blog Post on Writing Programs

Posted on 1/26/2018 8:18:35 AM

Bryna Siegel Finer (English, director of Writing Across the Curriculum) was invited to write a post for the University Press of Colorado academic blog.

"Sustainability and Then Some: Writing Programs in Institutional Structure," written with Jamie White-Farnham (University of Wisconsin–Superior), argues that a way to move from the overused trope of sustainability in writing studies is to think more about how writing programs—their people and environments, in combination with practical considerations such as funding sources, reporting lines, research, and curriculum—are situated as part of the architecture of their institutions. While sustainability is a term that can easily be co-opted or flipped against a writing program by an administration (e.g., “This program is no longer sustainable”), when a program is built into the structure of an institution, it is much harder to dismantle. The metaphor of architecture allows writing program administrators to imagine the constituent parts of a writing program as its foundation, beams, posts, scaffolding—the institutional structures that, alongside its people, anchor a program to the ground and keep it standing.

Read the blog post.

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