IUP to Reduce Tuition for Regional Campus Undergraduates and Undergraduate Out-of-State Students

Posted on 1/25/2018 2:42:06 PM

The Pennsylvania State System Board of Governors today approved a proposal from Indiana University of Pennsylvania to reduce tuition rates for freshman and sophomore undergraduate students at regional campuses and for out-of-state students.

The plan will go into effect for the fall 2018 semester.

In this model, in-state freshman and sophomore undergraduates at Northpointe and Punxsutawney regional campuses will be charged 80 percent of the tuition rate of students on the Indiana campus. Domestic out-of-state students will pay tuition on a per-credit system at a lower percentage rate than they are currently being charged.

Based on academic 2017–18 tuition rates, under this new plan, in-state freshman and sophomore undergraduate students at the regional campuses would pay $247 per credit, compared to the current $309 per credit charge.

“We recognize the need to provide as many opportunities as we can for students to take advantage of an IUP education,” IUP President Michael Driscoll said. “This reduction in cost is designed to help these regional students and to thank and to recognize the support of our local communities.

“The quality of instruction and experiences at the regional campuses will remain strong, and regional campus students will still be able to take advantage of all the opportunities and events offered at the Indiana campus,” Driscoll said. “The only change related to this new pricing structure is that IUP Punxsutawney and IUP at Northpointe will be an even greater value for our regional students and families.”

The approved proposal also changes the way that out-of-state students will pay tuition. Under this plan, out-of-state students will pay on a per-credit rate, with a reduced out-of-state tuition differential of 145 percent for students from any state.

Currently, all domestic, out-of-state students are charged at either 170 percent or 250 percent of the in-state rate on a flat fee basis. The current out-of-state differential is dependent on high school grade point average and state residency. This new per-credit tuition rate reflects IUP’s current per-credit pricing structure for students who domicile in Pennsylvania. The per-credit structure was launched in fall 2016.

Based on academic year 2017–18 tuition rates, a domestic, out-of-state student paying tuition at the 250 percent rate for 12 credits is charged $9,365 per semester. Under the new plan, this student would pay $5,377 per semester for 12 credits.

“IUP’s per-credit tuition model increases fairness—students pay for the credits that they take,” Driscoll said. “Student behaviors have changed, and the per-credit model is more equitable and meets the needs of both our current and future students, including our out-of-state students.

“IUP is proud to be part of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education and to be part of this great state, but as a public, doctoral, research university, one with unique programs and incredible value, we have a great deal to offer to students who live outside the commonwealth. This new pricing model offers these students an even better reason to choose IUP,” Driscoll said.

Annually, IUP enrolls about 500 out-of-state undergraduate students.