IUP Students and Chefs Cook Chili to Benefit Hunters Sharing the Harvest

Posted on 1/23/2018 4:05:32 PM

IUP Culinary students at Allegheny Outdoor Sport and Travel ShowStudents and faculty from the Academy of Culinary Arts will join Chef Albert Wutsch as featured exhibitors at the 33rd annual Allegheny Outdoor, Sport, and Travel Show at the Monroeville Convention Center on Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Wutsch, who retired from IUP in 2016, is an emeritus faculty member from the Academy of Culinary Arts. He will present a wild game cooking and butchering seminar, while IUP students, led by chef instructors Thomas Barnes and Melinda McIsaac, kick off the second annual Chili Benefit for Hunters Sharing the Harvest.

IUP students and chefs will demonstrate how to prepare and serve venison chili, and event attendees will have the opportunity to sample the savory dishes with a donation to HSH.

What is Hunters Sharing the Harvest? The organization is a nonprofit charity working to reduce hunger. Participating hunters share their extra venison through a network of butchers to food banks across Pennsylvania.

The butchers coordinate meat deliveries and work with their local food banks. “In turn, the food banks redistribute the venison to more than 5,000 local organizations such as food pantries, missions, homeless shelters, Salvation Army facilities, and churches that play a vital role in helping to fill the gaps for families and individuals at risk of hunger. HSH has distributed 1.2 million pounds of donated venison since 1991.”

IUP students and faculty look forward to sharing wild game cooking techniques and recipes and supporting the venison donation program. Please visit Allegheny Outdoor, Sport, and Travel for more information about the event.