Miller, Wender, and Siegel Finer Publish on Implications of Legislating First-Year Writing Placement

Posted on 1/18/2018 3:49:52 PM

An article by Katie Miller, Emily Wender, and Bryna Siegel Finer (English Department) has been published in the Journal of Writing Assessment in a special edition on the politics of pathways.

"Legislating First-Year Writing Placement: Implications for Pennsylvania and Across the Country” explores the complicated politics of alignment, entry-level pathways, and developmental education at the college level as many states begin to phase in new assessments of Common Core State Standards. Through a comparative analysis of state level policies in Florida, Wisconsin, and Idaho, the authors discuss implications for possible similar legislation in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State System in particular. They argue writing program faculty may be able to leverage the implementations of such assessments by adopting the impending exams as an exigence for paying attention to legislative efforts to define “college ready,” building relationships with policymakers, creating system-wide first-year writing coherence, using effective rhetoric, and exploring multiple measures for placement processes.

The Journal of Writing Assessment is open-access. The article can be found here