2018 IUP Scholars Forum Now Accepting Submissions

Posted on 12/5/2017 12:05:31 PM

The 2018 Undergraduate Scholars and Graduate Scholars Fora are now accepting submissions. The Undergraduate Scholars Forum will be on Tuesday, April 3. The Graduate Scholars Forum will be on Wednesday, April 4.

It’s time again to prepare for the annual Undergraduate and Graduate Scholars Fora! As with previous years, the events will be held during Research Appreciation Week—the first week in April 2018.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, March 1.

Details can be found on our new IUP Scholars Forum website.

Are you a student engaging in original research/scholarship?

Are you a faculty member working with students engaging in original research/scholarship?

This is a great opportunity to showcase students’ work with their advisors’ mentorship and endorsement!

Students benefit by receiving:

  • valuable experiences working with faculty on scholarship activities,
  • professional experience in research presentation skills,
  • networking opportunities with students having similar interests, and
  • opportunities to compete for recognition and prizes.

Faculty sponsors gain:

  • assistance in your research endeavors, while teaching valuable skills to your students,
  • acknowledgement for your mentorship and guidance,
  • scholarly growth in your discipline,
  • service experience that benefits your students and the university, and
  • a chance to provide students with a unique opportunity and future collaboration.

As we head toward the winter break, we wanted to ask you to make plans to participate!


The IUP Student Scholars Fora Planning Committee