Parveen Ali Presents Research on Students’ Attitudes Towards an Emporium-Designed Developmental Math Course

Posted on 12/4/2017 11:58:13 AM

Parveen Ali, Department of Developmental Studies, presented her research paper titled “Students’ Attitudes Towards an Emporium-designed Developmental Math Course” at the 50th Annual CRLA conference, held November 1-4, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The participants in the study include students enrolled in Emporium-designed developmental math courses. The sample consists of 150 participants in the fall of 2014. 

This presentation discovers students’ pre- and post- attitudes towards Emporium-designed developmental math classes and the relationship between students' attitudes and performance. Results indicate a significant difference in some elements of attitude. However, there is no significant relationship between post-attitude and course performance. This finding is in disagreement with the findings in the traditional classroom that a better attitude towards math leads to better performance, which needs further exploration. 

Moreover, the data indicate no statistically significant difference between genders in course performance and pre- and post- attitudes, which contradict the widespread belief that female students are not as good at math as male students, and that male students have better attitudes toward math than female students.