Huhn Presents Research on Post-Secondary Educator Effectiveness

Posted on 11/24/2017 4:31:54 PM

Professor Christina Huhn, Department of Foreign Languages, presented the results of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research project titledPost-Secondary Educator Effectiveness and Student Perceptions of Teaching” at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages annual convention held November 16–19, 2017, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The session presented the results of a research project (developed through a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Community) that undertook an in-depth evaluation of educator effectiveness by an experienced post-secondary educator.The research drew from Reflective Practice and research-based practices of an effective foreign language classroom.

In many post-secondary institutions, evidence of educator effectiveness is drawn from student surveys. These evaluations tend not to be discipline specific and do not evaluate student learning or language proficiency development. In contrast, ACTFL's position statement on educator effectiveness (2015) calls for a broader approach to evaluating educator effectiveness at all levels. Components of a more comprehensive model of post-secondary educator effectiveness, specific to the field of foreign language education, were discussed.