Task Force on Undergraduate Retention/Persistence (TOUR) Progress and Next Steps, November 2017

Posted on 11/17/2017 12:52:44 PM

TOUR, the Task Force on Undergraduate Retention/Persistence, began its work on September 29, 2017, with its inaugural group meeting.

In order to progress toward meeting the TOUR charge, three subcommittees were created, and, during the month of October, they organized and analyzed data in the following areas:

  1. National best practices for retention and persistence.
  2. Current IUP retention and persistence initiatives and their outcomes.
  3. IUP retention and persistence rates for various demographics of undergraduate students.

This subcommittee work produced detailed results, which are available for viewing online:

Members of the university community are welcome to submit additional information related to these topics by e-mailing TOUR-input@iup.edu.

With subcommittee data collection complete, TOUR is now in the next phase of work, which includes engaging undergraduate students in additional data collection, and refining and further researching common themes that have emerged as a result of subcommittee work. During this phase, we will begin to formulate and refine recommendations to help IUP achieve the goal of increasing undergraduate retention and persistence rates to 80 percent by 2022.