President/Founder of BarComm Gives Talk to AMA

Posted on 11/2/2017 3:36:04 PM

On October 25, 2017, the IUP American Marketing Association welcomed Sandy Barsotti, president and founder of BarComm, LLC (Barsotti Marketing & Communications), to come speak about her experiences throughout her career.

Sandy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a minor in history. She is a very active alumna here at IUP. She is on the IUP Alumni Association Board of Directors, is a member of the Foundation for IUP, and she was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award for Service in 2014.

Throughout Sandy’s career, she had seven different jobs before she created her own company, BarComm, LLC. She decided to start her own company because, after five times of being laid off, she didn’t want any more letdowns, so she decided to be her own boss.

Despite all of these setbacks, she never gave up, and came out on top in the end.

Sandy elaborated on the key point that you should take on any assignment that comes your way—even if you don’t know how to do that specific assignment, agree to do it, then figure out how to get the job done. She said to make sure people aren’t walking all over you; but, the more opportunities you take to learn new skills, the better off you’re going to be and the more suitable you will be in the eyes of your employer. In the wise words of Sandy Barsotti, “Be a duck. Be calm on the surface, but paddle like crazy down below.”

“Sandy’s presentation was very comforting to hear,” said marketing student Minna Digon. “A lot of times people will tell you that you should expect to have failure in your life, but they never explain what you should do when it comes. It was inspiring to hear Sandy’s examples of failure she has experienced and her tips on how to deal with them and keep moving forward. And in the words of Sir Winston Churchill, ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal’.”