Runge Co-Presents on “Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Writing” to Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania

Posted on 10/31/2017 11:14:01 AM

Timothy Runge (Educational and School Psychology) copresented with a principal and three teachers from the Line Mountain Elementary School at the 2018 fall conference of the Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania in State College, Pennsylvania.

Their presentation, “Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Writing: Pennsylvania’s Model Illustrated in a Case Study,” offered a review of Pennsylvania’s approach to assessment, instruction, and intervention for writing at the elementary level. Specifically, a gated assessment process for universal screening of writing skills employed a combination of written expression curriculum-based measurement and on-demand writing assessments.

The presentation also highlighted the experiences and perspectives of administrators and teachers implementing this gated assessment model for writing. Archival, anonymous data was shared to validate practices and used as discussion points for instructional and assessment planning.