Biology Students Receive Research Grants from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists

Posted on 10/26/2017 10:43:11 AM

Three students from the Department of Biology received grants from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists for their research projects.

CPUB provides support for the teaching and research activities of faculty and students in the biological sciences from the 14 state-owned universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. 

The students and their mentors that received this year’s awards include:

  • Wafaa Aljagthmi (graduate student) and Cuong Diep
    “Determining the effect of the R1 peptide on lhx1a dimerization”
  • Deven Korte (undergraduate student) and David Janetski
    “Assessment of the novel antimicrobial agent benzethonium chloride: toxicity to stream biofilm”
  • Gina Vaira (graduate student) and Paul Nealen 
    “The Forgotten Ape: Exploring the Cognitive Abilities of Symphalangus syndactylus”