Hospitality Management Wine Students Visit Christian Klay Winery

Posted on 10/26/2017 10:08:15 AM

Hospitality Management students in the Wine and Wine Services class visited and toured the Christian W. Klay Winery in Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania.

The students were given a hayride into the orchard and were given a presentation on how the grapes are grown and cared for. The grapes had just been harvested, and so we were lucky enough to get to see the wine being made and bottled. The winery set up a wine tasting event as well. The students loved this event and tasted a variety of wines while learning the history of the winery.

Afterwards, all were treated to a pairing of wine and food before heading back to campus.

Faculty member Jeff Santicola was very pleased with how the winery set up the tour and would recommend the winery to all. To view the winery website, visit Christian W. Klay Winery.

Toasting at the wineryStudent group at the wineryThe winery hayride