Guth Awarded 2017 Faculty Scholar Award

Posted on 10/20/2017 1:36:57 PM

Lorraine Guth, professor in the Department of Counseling, was honored to receive the 2017 Faculty Scholar Award. The College of Education and Communications Research Committee selected her for this inaugural award to recognize the scholarly achievements accomplished over her illustrious career at IUP.

Dr. Lorraine Guth receiving the 2017 Faculty Scholar Award Guth has utilized her expertise in multicultural counseling and group work to provide international counseling service/research throughout the world. Her scholarly work has served to significantly inform the counseling profession about global counseling efforts in several countries such as Malawi and Bhutan. For example, she has published articles in prestigious journals such as the Journal for Specialists in Group Work, Journal for International Counselor Education, and Journal of Asia Pacific Counseling.

Guth is most grateful for the support that she has received for these endeavors from Dean Lara Luetkehans, Department Chair Claire Dandeneau, Provost Timothy Moerland, the University Senate Research Committee, the IUP Research Institute, and the Faculty Professional Development Council.