IUP Students Meet with Law School Admissions Officials

Posted on 10/18/2017 3:53:30 PM

Students and admissions officials at the 2017 IUP law school fair.IUP students had a chance to ask questions about law school programs—and about how to get into law school—at IUP’s 31st annual Law School Fair on Wednesday, October 18. It was a chance for students interested in law school to have in-depth conversations with admissions officials from several law schools.

The law school admissions officials at the event said that they were impressed with the IUP students that they met. “They asked great questions,” said Eric Kniskern, recruitment director for Delaware Law School. “You could really tell they’d done some research and thought carefully about the kinds of information they wanted from me.”

“This was the best law school fair that I’ve been to this year,” said Katie Plumer, an admissions recruiter from Ohio Northern University College of Law. “Both the quantity and quality of the students that I spoke with was impressive.”

The law school recruitment season starts in late September and runs through mid-November. Every year at this time, admissions officials hit the road and visit universities throughout the country to talk to potential law school applicants about what makes their respective law school programs special.

“Our law school fair provides a great chance not only for students to get detailed information about a law school, but also to make a personal connection with an admissions official that could be useful later if the student applies to that law school,” said Gwen Torges, a faculty member in the Political Science Department and coordinator of IUP’s pre-law program.

The law schools represented at this year’s law school fair were: Penn State Law, University Park; Duquesne University School of Law, Pittsburgh; Widener University Delaware Law School, Wilmington, Delaware; Capital University School of Law, Columbus, Ohio; and Ohio Northern University College of Law, Ada, Ohio.