Students Show Off Residence Hall Rooms in This Year’s “Best-Dressed Room Contest”

Posted on 10/16/2017 8:52:35 AM
Sarah Dougherty wins Best Overall Room

Walking into Sarah Dougherty’s room in Suites on Pratt is more reminiscent of a display from Pier One or T.J. Maxx than the typical dormitory usually associated with colleges.

There were no signs of hand-me-downs from relatives or “boyfriend” pillows. Incense has been swapped for LED oil diffusers. Posters of Bob Marley have been traded for inspirational quotes and intricate tapestries. A new image of the residence hall is being embraced by students looking to put their mark on their individual space at IUP.

The Office of Housing, Residence Life, and Dining’s Best-Dressed Room Contest gives students the opportunity to show off their distinctive personalities and flair. Twenty-nine students anonymously entered the contest, which consisted of two rounds of voting: the first on OHRLD’s Facebook page (amassing over 1,300 votes or “likes”), and the second by a panel of Residence Directors.

This year’s winners are Sarah Dougherty from Suites on Pratt, winning “Best Overall Room,” Regan Farr from Stephenson, winning “Most Creative Room,” and Bailey Lund-Goldstein from Putt, winning “Most School Spirit/Best Organized Room.” Winners were awarded prizes of Flex dollars, Co-op Store gift cards, and a chance to showcase their rooms through a photo shoot. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who voted. We are looking forward to next year and the remarkable, creative, and distinctive spaces designed by our students. Check out more photos of the winners’ rooms by following @iupohrld on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.