Biology Students Present Research at Society for Freshwater Science Conference

Posted on 9/15/2017 1:12:55 PM

In June 2017, three biology graduate students and three biology undergraduate students presented posters at the Society for Freshwater Science in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Society for Freshwater Science is an international organization of freshwater ecologists.

Poster Titles Included:

Freshwater Science Conference 1“Assessment of dietary competition among riverine sport fish using gut content analysis.”
Beal, Eli R., and D.J. Janetski

Freshwater Science Conference 2“Size at age comparison of yellow perch across coastal river mouth lakes of eastern Lake Michigan.”
Colasante, Joshua M., Chorak, G., Janetski, D.J., Ruetz, C.R., and D. Clapp.

“Assessment of shale gas development on macroinvertebrate community structure in Pennsylvania's Marcellus shale region.”
Graham, Cassie M., Janetski, D.J., Chapman, E., and A. Trexler.

Freshwater Science Conference 5“Influence of interacting stressors on native brook trout in a western Pennsylvania watershed.”
Graves, Jennifer M., Janetski, D.J., Clark, T., Hutchinson, B., Lavelle, K., Rummel, S., Kester, R., and K. Williams.

Freshwater Science Conference 3“Assessment of brook trout passage through ambiguous culvert barriers in Pennsylvania headwater streams.”
Rogers, Karli M., Rummel, S., Lavelle, K., Duchamp, J.E., Niles, J.M., and D.J. Janetski.

“Effects of O-desmethylvenlafaxine on fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) feeding behavior and startle response.”
Eytcheson, Morgan H., Becker, Sean P., and D.J. Janetski.

Freshwater Science Conference 4“Investigation of scale-dependent relationships between environmental factors and young-of-the-year brook trout density.”
Janetski, D.J., Prasko, Lauren M., and A. Simpson.

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