IUP Punxsutawney Welcomes New Writing Center Mentor

Posted on 9/14/2017 2:37:11 PM

Jing ZhangThe Writing Center at Punxsutawney welcomes our new writing mentor, Jing Zhang. Jing is a graduate student in the Department of English at IUP, working on her doctorate degree. 

Jing holds a master’s degree in Linguistics Abroad and Linguistics Applied from the School of International Studies at Sun Yat-sen University in China, where she also taught for five years after receiving her degree. Jing was the director of the first writing center at Sun Yat-sen. 

“So far I’ve really enjoyed the personable professors and the close, highly interactive relationship between professors and students here at IUP,” Jing said. Though she must commute to her graduate classes in Indiana, she enjoys the peaceful IUP Punxsutawney campus and has begun to view it as home. Jing’s husband, who is taking a “gap year” before beginning his master’s degree, lives with her in their apartment on campus. 

Jing said, “I hope that my position as a mentor at the writing center will promote as many linguistic and cultural exchanges as possible.” To that end, she will be piloting a pen-pal project at the Punxsutawney campus that will give students a chance to exchange e-mails with Chinese students who are studying English.

When she’s not busy with her graduate studies, Jing enjoys playing table tennis and watching American TV shows such as The Good Wife, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad. Students may be interested to know that her MA thesis was on Gossip Girl.