Survey Asks Arts Alumni to Share Experiences

Posted on 9/13/2017 10:05:06 AM
SNAAP logo

IUP is participating in the 2017 Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) survey, which explores the lives of arts alumni nationwide.

Starting in October, SNAAP will contact arts alumni via e-mail and ask them to participate in the online survey. The invitations will go to those who graduated from one of more than a dozen IUP programs in the arts, including programs in creative writing and interior design.

Participation in the survey allows alumni to share their experiences and help shape the future of arts education across the country and at IUP.

After completing the survey, alumni can access a website to see how their experiences compare with those of other arts graduates. They can see where arts graduates live, where they work, what they earn, and how their education has influenced their lives.

By sharing their experiences, alumni will help IUP and other participating institutions across the country better prepare their students for the future—whether they go on to work in the arts or to apply their knowledge while working in another professional field.

SNAAP will send survey invitations to IUP graduates of the following past and current programs: Art (History/Studio), Art Education, Art Studio, Art Therapy, English/Writing Studies, General Fine Arts, Interior Design, Interdisciplinary Fine Arts (Dance Arts/Musical Theater), Music (all tracks), Music Performance, Music Education, Theater, and Theater Arts.

Survey invitations will go only to alumni for whom IUP has a valid e-mail address. Alumni may update or verify their information by contacting the Office of Advancement Services at

SNAAP will launch the survey the week of October 9. The deadline for alumni to respond is November 14.