Wender Makes Case for Emotion in Connection with Close Reading and Common Core

Posted on 9/8/2017 2:27:04 PM

Emily Wender (Department of English) has published an article in the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing.

The article, titled "Making a Case for Emotion in the Common Core Understanding of Close Reading," argues that close reading is a more authentic, relevant, and powerful practice for students when emotion in readers and in texts is treated as a rhetorical category of analysis. Both building off of the Common Core State Standards’ focus on close reading and critiquing its limiting definition, this article both models and analyzes a type of close reading that puts rhetorical analysis of emotion at its center. 

The text under consideration is a reading response composed by a student in a sophomore English class in an urban public school in the South. Ultimately, the article argues that by privileging emotion as a rhetorical category of analysis, emotions gain significance beyond the individual, pointing to stances on the world and to relationships with others.

The article appears in the latest JCT (32.1), 2017.