Lewis Awarded NSF Grant to Study Geology of Eastern Taiwan

Posted on 8/31/2017 8:20:40 AM

Jon Lewis, Department of Geoscience, was awarded a grant for the project, titled “Reconstructing the Plastic-to-Brittle Exhumation History of the Taiwan Metamorphic Core.” The project is a collaboration with co-principal investigator Tim Byrne (University of Connecticut), and is supported by NSF’s Tectonics Program Research in Undergraduate Institutions mechanism.

The award to IUP is $162,400 and will allow Lewis to take about six students to Taiwan to help with fieldwork over three years. 

The principal investigators and students will partner with Taiwanese undergraduates and faculty colleagues to complete data-gathering and sample-collection transects across the eastern slope of the Central Range. This will entail working along the deeply incised rivers that drain the rapidly uplifting mountains. The IUP students will use the samples and data to document the uplift history of this classic arc-continent collision.

In the third year of the grant, the PIs will work with colleagues in Taiwan to offer a structural petrology workshop for Taiwanese undergraduate students. This effort will be aimed at capacity building necessitated by increasing interest among Taiwan’s students in remote-sensing methods rather than still-essential, but difficult, traditional field work.

Throughout the project Lewis hopes to incorporate his undergraduate collaborators in the IUP Research Experience for Summer Scholars (RESS) program.