Machado and C&I Doctoral Candidate Morret Publish on Whole School Cluster Grouping to Differentiate Instruction

Posted on 8/31/2017 6:38:11 AM

“Using whole school cluster grouping to differentiate instruction more effectively in elementary schools: A guide for administrators and teachers,” co-authored by Tanya Morret, Curriculum and Instruction doctoral candidate, and Crystal Machado, associate professor, Professional Studies in Education, was published in the AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice in July 2017.


Given the wide range of ability (academic, linguistic and cultural) in classrooms, differentiated instruction is often difficult to manage. District and building level leadership can play an important role by providing the vision and support needed to implement Whole School Cluster Grouping, the innovative scheduling approach described in this paper.

This paper describes the wide variation in grouping practices across schools and the challenges that continue to exist when differentiated instruction is not managed with fidelity. It then describes how WSCG, a scheduling approach that was developed to serve gifted students, can be used to provide the “good stuff” to all students. Finally, it presents a three-step process, with illustrative examples, that administrators and teachers can use to identify, manage, and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach.