Second RESS Presenter Pizza Series

Posted on 6/26/2017 10:48:55 AM

The third annual Research Experience for Summer Scholars program continued last week with their second RESS Presenter Pizza Series. The event served as an opportunity for participating students to enjoy a meal while listening to three of their peers present their research-in-progress.

The next Presenter Pizza Series will take place on July 14 in the HUB. See the program events website for more information about events for the Research Experience for Summer Scholars program.

Student Presenters

Olivia Kalimon (Daniel Widzowski)

Title: Development of Neurobehavioral Assays: Treating Methamphetamine Dependence

Abstract: Mirtazapine is an atypical antidepressant that blocks serotonin receptors and has also been shown to reduce methamphetamine dependence; however there are also negative side effects. We want to develop a drug similar to Mirtazapine that will modulate the serotonin levels, specifically in receptor 5-HT2A, that will keep the positive effects and lose the undesirable ones. This project will focus on developing improved methamphetamine-induced place preference conditioning and DOI-induced head twitch tests in mice which will then be used to characterize novel compounds created by our collaborators.

Sky Semone (Greg Kenning)

Title: STM Imaging of Co/Sb Nanolayers Exhibiting a Thermally Activated Magnetization and Resistance Decay at Near Ambient Temperatures

Abstract: Co nanoparticles separated by layers of Sb show a thermally activated magnetization and resistance decay in near ambient temperatures. Over time, the multilayer system undergoes a 40 percent resistance decay, caused by the evolution of Co atoms within the Co layer. This evolution can be viewed with a STM Scanning Tunneling Microscope, which has sub-atomic resolution. We have imaged the decay within the nanoparticles over a 15-day time period. (one image per day). At the same time we simultaneously measured the resistance decay to correlate image to decay progression. Image processing can then determine the mean size, area, and separation of the nano-structures before, during, and after aging.

Brennan Ferguson (Jonathan Warnock )

Title: Relating F. Kerguelensis Fragments to Original Valve Shape

Abstract: The pennate diatom species Fragilariopsis Kerguelensis is extremely abundant in the pelagic waters of the Southern Ocean, and the siliceous cell walls or frustules the species produces are well preserved in Southern Ocean sediment. This availability and preservation makes the species an excellent and extensively used proxy for past ocean conditions, such as iron content and temperature. We are working to relate fragments of F. Kerguelensis frustules to their original proportions using their regular and symmetric geometry. Our goal is to expedite future studies that use the species by making a much greater portion of preserved frustules useful for analysis.