Indian Study Abroad Course Trip Led by Geography and Regional Planning Faculty

Posted on 6/19/2017 2:23:37 PM

Geography and Regional Planning faculty Sudeshna Ghosh and Brian Okey led an IUP study abroad trip to India June 1–19, 2017.

The trip took IUP faculty and students from Kolkata (India’s third-largest metropolitan area in terms of population and capital of West Bengal state) to Darjeeling, farther north in the foothills of the Himalyan Mountains (and known for its black tea plantations and spectacular views of the world’s third highest peak, Kamgchenjunga). The trip then continued to Kharagpur, where IUP students and faculty worked with colleagues from the Indian Institute of Technology’s Architecture and Regional Planning Department.

The trip to India is the second in as many years led by Ghosh and Okey, as they continue to build a collaborative academic and research relationship with faculty and students at IIT Architecture and Regional Planning, Kharagpur.

Brian and Lizanne Okey, their two daughters, Sudeshna Ghosh, and graduate student Andrea Viazanko

Photo: Brian Okey; his wife, Lizanne; their two daughters; Sudeshna Ghosh; and graduate student Andrea Viazanko are among a few that were leaving for India.