Psychology's McHugh to Present “Feminist Perspectives on the Experience and Ethics of Medicalization of Women”

Posted on 5/12/2017 10:06:43 AM

Maureen McHugh, PhD, Distinguished University Professor in Psychology, has been invited by the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association to present a two-hour workshop at the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association annual conference.

The conference theme is “Creating Safe Spaces: Diversity and Inclusion in Psychological Practice.” The conference will be held May 19, 2017, at the Eden Hall Campus of Chatham University. 

“The Wrong Prescription: Feminist Perspectives on the Experience and Ethics of Medicalization of Women,” presented by McHugh, will be offered in the morning session. This workshop is based on the book The Wrong Prescription: How Medicine and Media Create a Need for Treatments, Drugs and Surgeries, edited by McHugh and her colleague Joan Chrisler. 

The book and the workshop examine the aspects of women’s lives that have been targeted as deficient to support the pharmacological industry. Challenging the marketing and “science” that increasingly render women’s bodies and experiences as a series of symptoms and diseases, McHugh critiques contemporary constructions of dysfunctions (e.g., diagnoses) that are designed to make women feel inadequate. Among the topics addressed: body issues, weight management, sexual desire, depression, and menstruation. The ethical issues discussed include conflicts of issue in the development of diagnostic criteria, and the application of diagnostic labels to women’s bodily experiences.    

More information about the conference.

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