Lee Attends Symposium with Misdemeanor Justice Project

Posted on 5/10/2017 10:19:14 AM

Daniel Lee attended a symposium April 27–28, 2017, related to the Misdemeanor Justice Project held by John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The symposium focused on research related to criminal justice administration and policies that address misdemeanor crimes.

Lee was invited to provide the Keynoke address for the symposium. In his speech, Lee focused on the breadth of research topics that are available to criminological researchers, how the Misdemeanor Justice Project draws attention to the lower level crimes that are often misunderstood and understudied, and how a better understanding of these crimes can lead to improvements in criminal and social justice.

Participants in the symposium have been encouraged to submit their research for publication consideration to a special issue of Criminal Justice Policy Review. Lee is the current editor of CJPR, a peer-reviewed journal that was initiated by faculty at the Department of Criminology at IUP in 1986 and is now published by Sage. For more information on CJPR, please visit Criminal Justice Policy Review.