Another Successful Year of Build and Bust Raises Funds for Local Charities

Posted on 5/4/2017 3:52:46 PM

Build and Bust event raises money for local charities during Earth WeekSix student groups participated in the “Build and Bust” on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, sponsored by the Interior Design program in the Department of Human Development, Fashion, and Interior Design. In conjunction with Earth Week 2017, each group had to create a shelter out of recycled and reused products.

Groups had to pay an entry fee to have their structure judged. Those wishing to cast a vote paid $1 per vote. All proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity and Austin’s Playroom, along with the winning charities of choice from each group.

The grand prize of $100 went to Team Daaja, which it donated to ICCAP.

Team Perez won “Most Structurally Sound,” with a $50 reward that was donated to American Heart Association.

Team PHLSV won “Most Creative,” with a $50 reward that was donated to Big Hearts, Little Hands of the Indiana County YMCA.

Photo information: Winners of "Most Creative," Team PHLSV, pose in front of their structure.