IUP Tick Team Presents Workshop for Friends of the Parks

Posted on 5/1/2017 8:35:06 AM

Biology undergraduate students Tashi Bharathan, Anna Manges, and Shannon Tepe, graduate student Emily Welch, and retired assistant professor Anne Simmons presented a workshop for the Friends of the Parks at Blue Spruce Park on April 23, 2017.

Tick TeamThis educational outreach event was titled “A Tick in Time Saves Lyme!” and was attended by more than 90 community members.

The workshop focused on how to decrease your Lyme disease risk and stressed the need to use personal protective behaviors. The interactive program included information on how blacklegged ticks are increasing in number and spreading in western Pennsylvania, the ecology and unique behavior of the blacklegged tick, the symptoms and treatment of Lyme disease, and how to landscape your yard to reduce tick habitat.

Pictured from left top are Anna Manges, Emily Welch, Tashi Bharathan, and Shannon Tepe.

Department of Biology