Hundreds Celebrate Endowed Scholarships at Annual Event

Posted on 4/19/2017 9:47:42 AM

Hundreds of donors, trustees of endowed scholarships, and student scholarship recipients gathered at Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex April 7, 2017, for the fourth annual Celebration of Endowed Scholarships. 

Bill Scheeren '68 and his wife, Judy, lifelong educators who reside in Greensburg, Pa., served as guest speakers. Through a significant gift, the Scheerens recently established an endowed scholarship to benefit IUP students majoring in education. 

"Bill and I have been involved in education for more years than we want to announce and more years than we can count. Education is key in today's society," said Judy Scheeren, who explained that both she and her husband and all their siblings attended college with scholarships. "What we're doing here today is paying back."

In his remarks, IUP President Michael Driscoll introduced a video (above) that features Mary Chey, a senior IUP biology major, and her mentor, Dr. Narayanaswamy Bharathan. 

"A dinner is a modest way to thank you for ensuring students like Mary and the others you’ve met this evening have access to the best education possible," Driscoll said. "You invested in their education for various reasons—to memorialize a loved one, to honor someone important in your life. Or, you did it to make a difference in our world. No matter your reason, thank you."

Driscoll also said, "Now more than ever, in our increasingly competitive world, college really does matter.

"By working with expert faculty, students who have the aptitude but, perhaps, more important, a passion for the hard sciences, social sciences, health sciences, math, education, liberal arts, or fine arts will be the change Mahatma Gandhi said we need to see. They will be responsible for preserving our traditions and cultures. They’ll make the new discoveries, and they’ll make sure the generations that follow them do the same."

If you would like to invest in our world by investing in IUP students, please call 724-357-2324 or make a gift now