Douglass Research Academy Group Wins First-Place Award from Sigma Xi

Posted on 4/17/2017 11:41:40 AM

Students participating in the Douglass Research Academy were first-place winners of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society award at the 2017 IUP Scholars Forum.

Promising scholars Savannah Buday (dietetics), Kalif Coates (business marketing), Danielle Knight (exercise science), Micaela Rodas (pre-dentistry), and Christopher Volpe (regional planning) completed a research project titled "Perceptions of Drugs and Violence on IUP's Campus." The multidisciplinary team says they were interested in whether perceptions of drugs and violence at IUP were affecting student retention. Mentored by Susan Boser, they have been working on the project since 2015.

Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society, is the international honor society of science and engineering and is one of the oldest and largest scientific organizations in the world. Beth Mabry, who has been involved with the IUP Scholars Forum for over a decade, commented, "This is the first time in the 12-year history of the IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum that a poster outside of the natural sciences won Sigma Xi International Science Honor Society First Prize. This is a big deal!" 

The Douglass Research Academy, an initiative of IUP’s Frederick Douglass Institute for Intercultural Research, is designed to increase the involvement of first-generation, low income, and undergraduate student of color in academic/scholarly research experiences. The program seeks to cultivate an inquisitive spirit, to expand participants’ appreciation of research, and to nurture students’ identities as researchers-in-training.

Kalif, Micaela, Danielle, and Chris at the IUP Scholars Forum

Savannah and Micaela at the IUP Scholars Forum

Photo Information: Left, Kalif, Micaela, Danielle, and Chris at the IUP Scholars Forum.
Right, Savannah and Micaela at the IUP Scholars Forum