Machado Discusses Digitally Creating Beneficial Faculty-Student Co-Mentoring Relationships

Posted on 4/11/2017 6:42:08 PM

Crystal Machado, associate professor, Department of Professional Studies in Education, presented a at paper titled “Creating and Using the Digital Spaces to Cultivate Mutually Beneficial Faculty-Student Co-Mentoring Relationships”  at the at the Society for Information and Teacher Education’s Conference  on March 7, 2017, in Austin, Texas. 

Over the last few decades, institutions of higher education have begun to offer a wide range of graduate programs in traditional, hybrid and online formats. This has made education more accessible to diverse, nontraditional students with busy schedules. There is limited research that describes how faculty have begun to change the way they mentor nontraditional students who are often less accessible than traditional students.

This paper addresses this gap in the literature by describing how an education faculty member and her students created and used digital spaces to design and implement a variety of mutually beneficial teaching and scholarship projects.