Biology Graduate Students Receive Research Grants from Pennsylvania Academy of Science

Posted on 4/10/2017 1:33:16 PM

Four graduate students from the Department of Biologyreceived research grants from the Pennsylvania Academy of Science for their thesis work. 

The PAS provides educational and research support to Pennsylvania science students and educators, and offers an annual research funding competition for undergraduate and graduate students. This year, PAS received 33 student proposals from 19 institutions, and funded 24 projects for a total of $6,500.

Four students from the IUP Department of Biology MS program received funding for their thesis work. The students and their mentors include:

Lauren Mabe and Megan Knoch

Effect of Hyperglycemia on the Circadian Rhythms of Erythrocyte Peroxiredoxins

Noriko Mikeasky and Cuong Diep

Testing lhx1a dimerization in vitro using co-immunoprecipitation

Wafaa Aljagthmi and Cuong Diep

Confirming lhx1a dimerization in vivo using split GFP

Gina Vaira and Paul Nealen

The Forgotten Ape: Exploring the Cognitive Abilities of Symphalangus syndactylus