Economics Students Present Research at 2017 Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/10/2017 6:33:05 AM

Congratulations to sophomore Anthony Maticic and his business honors program colleagues, who won the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Dean’s Award for their case study titled “Chipotle Analysis” at the 2017 Undergraduate Scholars Forum. Anthony is pursuing dual baccalaureate study in economics and accounting.

In addition, 12 economics students gave oral presentations at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum on April 4, 2017. Student presentations from the Department of Economics at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum included:

“Did Bigotry Affect the 2016 Primary Election?”

  • Student: Christopher Dombrowski
  • Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

“A New Civil Rights Movement: How to Build It and Why It Is Necessary for a Sustainable Society”

  • Student: Benjamin Ellis
  • Faculty Advisor: Christopher Jeffords

“The Failure of Economic Development Strategies Using Cultural Dimensions: Vietnam and Jamaica”

  • Student: Edward Foley
  • Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

“Poverty Across the Globe: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Underlying Causes”

  • Student: Gabrielle Gentilcore
  • Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

“A Hand Much Bitten: A Panel Data Analysis of States’ Dependency on Federal Funds and Voting Behavior”

  • Students: Jordan Gwinn and Robert Schwartz
  • Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

“Economic Development’s Challenge: Romania and Chile”

  • Student: Samir Mahmoud Hasabou
  • Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

“Partisan Effects on Funds Allocated to Defense Spending in the Federal Budget”

  • Students: Gina LaRocca and Rosemary Tropeano
  • Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

“The Appalachian Gender Wage Gap”

  • Student: Lucas Mafrica
  • Faculty Advisor: Brandon Vick

“Improving Education and Infrastructure in Argentina and Ghana”

  • Student: Nicholas Perini
  • Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

“Economic Development in Southern Africa: A Case Study of Botswana and Zimbabwe”

  • Student: Nathan Zisk
  • Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko