MARTI-CBH Launches New Opioid/Heroin Research and Outreach Initiative

Posted on 4/3/2017 1:56:16 PM

MARTI-CBH is launching a new initiative focusing on the region’s alarming opioid/heroin epidemic. The objective is to learn more about treatment barriers and to provide local communities with outreach resources, such as online prevention and intervention resources for local communities and their stakeholders and participating in a number of community forums addressing this health problem.

There has been a growing opioid/heroin addiction epidemic across the nation, and especially in Indiana and surrounding counties. MARTI-CBH’s associates are addressing the epidemic through research and diverse outreach efforts, among them, the Health Disparities Lecture Series, online resources, MARTI Summer School conference, Kacie’s Cause subchapter, and International Overdose Awareness Day.

Victor Garcia, director of MARTI-CBH and distinguished university professor in the Department of Anthropology, and Alex Heckert, associate director of MARTI-CBH and chairperson of the Department of Sociology, will spearhead this initiative. Other MARTI-CBH personnel who are involved are Christian Vaccaro and Melissa Swauger, research associates; Erick Lauber, director of leadership training and research at MARTI-CBH and professor in the Department of Journalism; Crystal Deemer, training and conference coordinator; Lisa McCann and Shelly Maras, sociology graduate assistants; and Brigitte Burrell and Nancy Sosa Lopez, MARTI research assistants and anthropology majors.

For further information about the initiative, see Heroin/Opioid Research and Outreach Initiative.