IRB Announces New Online Submission System

Posted on 3/31/2017 11:03:26 AM

After a year’s worth of work, the new online Institutional Review Board submission/management system is available to the entire IUP community. Faculty, students, and staff may begin working in IRBManager immediately. Effective Monday, April 3, 2017, all submissions to the IRB (including new protocol submissions, requests for change/continuing review) must be completed in IRBManager rather than using the old forms.

Here are four points to help investigators get started with IRBManager.

First, all faculty need to simply log in to IRBManager. IT Support recommends this initial step in order that your credentials get authenticated to the system correctly. After the initial login, your students and colleagues will be able to find you in the system more readily. This is especially important when working with students, as faculty advisors electronically sign off on their student’s submission in IRBManager. No worries—the process (literally) takes less than two minutes.

Start by going to IRBManager. Once there, enter your IUP single sign-on username and password, then hit Login. That’s it! The system should take care of the rest. Please take a minute and do this now. It should make using the system simpler down the road.

Second, in order to teach the research community how to use IRBManager, a series of short, easy-to-understand tutorials has been created. Each two- to five-page tutorial is meant to help with a specific task and be easy-to-use (includes screen shots and step-by-step instructions). Since the IRB staff operates with a small handful of people, we kindly ask that you review the tutorials before calling the office with specific questions. The tutorials and more information about IRBManager can be accessed through the main IRBManager page.

Third, IRBManager is easy to use. The product was customized to mimic existing forms. Users will find instructions built into the system and several features that make submitting items easier than the old system. For example, investigators are able to collaborate with other IUP users to create submissions, save work in progress to be completed at a later point, electronically sign their own or their student’s submissions, and receive e-mail alerts from the IRB office regarding submission decisions. We invite you to start using the system immediately.

Finally, the IRBManager system was tested with four departments and many members of the IRB. These early tests helped identify and fix some bugs in the system. While we strongly believe these issues are corrected, should you encounter any unexpected difficulties with the system, we respectfully request that you either read through the tutorials on the website or contact the  Institutional Review Board office. We appreciate your patience as we move forward.