2017 Winner of Jane Leonard Award for Women’s Leaders

Posted on 3/28/2017 1:43:48 PM

Women’s and Gender Studies and the President’s Commission on the Status of Women are pleased to announce the 2017 winner of the Jane Leonard Award for Women’s Leaders: Kay Snyder.

Kay Snyder

As a college student during the Civil Rights Era, she worked with African American Students in the South to assist them in gaining admission to newly desegregated colleges and to succeed once they arrived. As an IUP professor, she was one of the first people on campus and was a pioneer in her field to teach gender studies courses.

In the early 1980s Snyder co-wrote the proposal for the Women’s Studies minor and worked to hire the first director. She has mentored hundreds of students, inspiring them to change the world. In retirement, she continues to work actively with students, promote women’s advancements in health, pursue anti-poverty work, and was one of the main organizers of Indiana’s Community Garden.